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Video Transcript

Sophisticated social media activities, like running promotional campaigns, require publishing functionality beyond simply posting one-off messages containing text and links.  For example, to promote an upcoming fundraising event, Social Media Managers might need to repeatedly target a carefully crafted, image heavy tweet. Composing messages like these from scratch each time they need to be posted can be quite time consuming. 

Let’s say you have some pictures you want to Tweet at your followers to promote an upcoming event.  To avoid overloading your audience, you’ll want to publish them in one post, gallery style.  

Using Hootsuite, simply click the paperclip icon in the compose box, and then select up to four images to share.  The images you share will appear in your audience’s stream as a collage, and will also be included in your twitter gallery.   

If you’re promoting an event or a product release, you’ll likely want to send your carefully crafted message more than once.  This is where Hootsuite’s Drafts function can save you time.  Saving your message as a draft will retain all the images, text, links, targeting information, and privacy options you’ve included.  

Simply click ‘Save as Draft’ in the dropdown Save Menu when the message is complete.  To access a saved draft, click ‘View Drafts’ under the same drop down menu. Now you can continue to schedule this message throughout the duration of your campaign.

As a general rule, we recommend experimenting with your messaging to get the best results.  By clicking the pencil icon, you can edit, schedule, or delete your drafted messages.  You can also switch up the social networks to which it will be sent, as conditions change.