uberVU via Hootsuite

Real-time social media analytics

Gain actionable insights for every aspect of your business from real-time social listening

uberVU via Hootsuite is a real-time social media analytics solution that unlocks the full value of social media data. It delivers usable, real-time insights about your brand and the topics that matter most to you—benefiting every corner of your organization.

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Key advantages of uberVU via Hootsuite

uberVU via Hootsuite goes further than simple social media monitoring tools, to mine a deep range of social data in real time and deliver insight to all parts of your business.

The key benefits of ubervu via Hootsuite, product screenshot

  • Richer data from more sources

    Access social media data from over 100-million sources in 56 languages on 26 platforms—including online news, blogs, and forums. You get a complete view of the conversations that matter most to your business—in real time.

  • Uncovers the emotion behind the data

    Gauge the true emotional sentiment being expressed around your keyword, brand, or products—negative, neutral, or positive—over any timeframe. Going beyond simple Likes and Follows fuels smarter, more responsive decisions.

  • Intuitive reports that get used

    Turn social data into action—across your organization—with intuitive visual reports, and drag-and-drop simplicity. Drive adoption internally with compelling graphics that give your people the insights they need to act.

  • Social conversations in context

    Understand what people are really saying about your brand, products, or company, by seeing the most commonly used words and phrases in context, through intuitive conversation maps.

  • Real-time results for instant insight

    Stop waiting for others to generate the reports you need. Your customized dashboard updates instantly—in real time—with only the information you need to see.

  • Match your existing roles and workflow

    Organize results the way that makes sense for each role in your company. Roles and workflows match your existing structure, so everyone sees only the information they need.

uberVU automatically surfaces important mentions and conversations that I just wouldn't find with any other tool.

—Amanda Sobrinski, Communications/Social Media Manager, Belfor

Who uses uberVU via Hootsuite?

uberVU via Hootsuite isn’t just for your social team. Its intuitive, easy-to-grasp reports bring the power of real-time social media analytics to every department in your organization.

Two coworkers using uberVU via Hootsuite on a tablet

  • Marketing

    Discover what content is connecting with your audience, so you can decide how, when, where to publish. Target key influencers and mirror the language and passion of your biggest fans. Use social intelligence to fuel offline campaigns, too.

  • Product Development

    Learn what resonates with product users and early adopters to find new product development and improvement opportunities. Identify and quantify issues, track the success of new launches, and collect specific product feedback.

  • Sales

    Sense buying signals from leads and find potential customers who are primed for contact. Find and measure the real-time conversations that indicate interest in your products or services, and gather competitive intelligence.

  • Customer Service

    Listen for people needing help or expressing dissatisfaction with your product, service, or brand, so you can react quickly and effectively, before negative sentiment spreads. Evaluate the effectiveness of your support-related content, support process, and uncover and quantify problems.

  • HR and Talent Recruitment

    Source candidates and recruit new talent more efficiently. Proactively find people searching for roles you need to fill. Measure candidates’ professional impact and social reputation. Gauge current employee engagement, and find employees to serve as brand ambassadors.

  • Market Research

    Size markets, understand product use cases, and analyze competitive offerings. Use social as a real-time, global focus group to better understand the market. You can even filter results geographically—down to city level—or by gender to segment potential markets in detail.