Streamline your social workflows

Manage social media workflows 
no matter how complex your organization is

Streamline your workflows to manage your social media efforts more efficiently. Hootsuite is built to scale as your team grows—helping you organize your company by team, region, and department in a way that makes the most sense for you.

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Solutions for streamlined social media workflows

  • Maintain your team structure

    Map Hootsuite to your organization's existing workflows and manage employees by project, department, or by region. Confidently manage workflows in even the most complex organizations.

  • Set permission levels by people or team

    Give employees as much or as little access as necessary, assign team leaders, and oversee your entire group efficiently. Allow or restrict access to specific profiles or networks, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

  • Create tasks and assignments

    Assign social media tasks and responses to the appropriate team, department, or region. This lets teams focus on the messages that matter most to them, saving time and improving the quality of responses.

  • Keep your brand consistent

    Create workflows and designate team leaders to approve outgoing content, so your team’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other posts align with your goals and stay on-brand.

  • Avoid duplicate work and missed messages

    When your team responds to messages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks, you’ll receive notifications so each task is completed only once.

  • Skip email and unneeded meetings

    Have internal discussions between teams and receive task notifications right from within the Hootsuite dashboard, so everyone is on the same page.