Make teamwork the secret sauce in
your social media strategy 

Win together by working together. As your team grows, Hootsuite is built to scale with you - helping you organize your company by team, region, and department while delegating tasks and streamlining your workflows.



Go beyond collaboration, build team chemistry

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    Maintain your organizational structure

    Map Hootsuite to your company's existing teams and manage employees by project, department, and region.

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    Assign permission levels

    Give employees as much or as little access as necessary, assign team leaders, and oversee your entire group.

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    Create tasks and assignments

    Anyone in your organization can assign tasks and responses to the appropriate team, department, or region. 

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    Keep your brand consistent

    Create workflows and designate team leaders to approve outgoing content. Now you can ensure your posts align with your goals.

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    Cut out duplicate work

    When your team responds to messages, you’ll receive notifications so each task is completed only once. 

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    Skip email and unneeded meetings

    Have internal discussions and receive task notifications right from the Hootsuite dashboard.