Boost your productivity. Win as a team.

Teamwork is the secret sauce in any successful social media strategy. HootSuite keeps your team organized, lets you create assignments, and notifies you when a task is complete.



Take a closer look at our collaboration features

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    Teams and departments

    Tell HootSuite how your company is structured and start working within teams and across departments right from your dashboard.

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    Permission levels

    Give people as much or as little access as necessary. With HootSuite Teams, admins have full control and can assign team leaders or oversee an entire group.

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    Assignments and tasks

    Be in the right place at the right time. Now, anyone on your team can receive messages and assign them to the right person on your team to reply and engage.

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    Admin approvals

    Designate team leaders to approve content before it pushing it live. Create workflows that ensure your messaging aligns with your goals.

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    Message replies

    HootSuite visually flags messages that have been replied to, so team members can focus on the conversations that need attention.

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    Internal Conversations

    Skip your email inbox and cancel unneeded meetings. Now you can have internal discussions with your team right from the HootSuite dashboard.