Use real-time insights and powerful data to inform your business

Social media analytics is more than numbers and graphs. Now you can get deep real-time insights and gorgeous visual reporting that make presenting big data quick and easy. We’ve also started working with uberVU to give you even better analytics. 

An overview of HootSuite Analytics and uberVU via HootSuite.

Introducing HootSuite uberAnalytics

  • A visual of growth spikes over time.

    Spikes and bursts

    When your audience increases, you’ll be able to pinpoint where and when you’re growing and take an in-depth look at your growth over time.  

  • A visual of social media demographic statistics.

    Demographic Insights

    It’s important to know who you’re talking to. Get to know the people that engage with your content by age, gender, location and more.

  • A visual of social media sentiment tracking.

    Sentiment tracking

    Do you know where your campaigns perform best? Tag outgoing content to organize and observe campaign success.

Explore uberVU via HootSuite

Here's what HootSuite Analytics looks like

  • analytics-volumesharing-thumb

    Profile and Team Performance

    Pull wide-reaching data on the growth of your social network channels and the activities of your social teams.

  • analytics-demographic-thumb

    Click Stats

    Know which social messages drive the most traffic. Use the link shortener to track clicks and traffic to your site.

  • analytics-powerfulreporting-thumb

    Powerful reporting

    Data should tell a good story. Our reports are custom branded, simple to understand, and easy on the eyes.