Inform your business decisions with deep social analytics

Prove your social ROI with real-time
 insights and powerful social intelligence

In January 2014, Hootsuite acquired uberVU (now uberVU via Hootsuite) to combine real-time social analysis with our best-in-class engagement solution.  Now you can instantly access actionable data from across the social web and generate revenue from online conversations.

An overview of Hootsuite Analytics and uberVU via Hootsuite.

Go beyond social media measurement

  • A visual of growth spikes over time.

    Track your brand growth

    See where and when your social profiles are growing and get an in-depth look at their growth over time.

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  • A visual of social media demographic statistics.

    Visualize social demographics

    Get to know your audience by gender and geography, right down to the city level.

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  • A visual of social media sentiment tracking.

    Measure sentiment metrics

    Discover real-time spikes in brand sentiment to see whether conversations about you are positive, negative, or neutral.

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    Identify social influencers

    Pinpoint the key influencers and brands driving important conversations and generating buzz.

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    See what content resonates

    Measure clicks, likes, retweets and more to learn what content works and what content doesn’t.

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    Create detailed social reports

    Create custom reports with easy drag-and-drop layouts and share resultswith your entire organization.