Discover what content is resonating with your audience, so you can decide how, when, where to focus your efforts. Understand how your brand is perceived around the world, and dig down by location, language, and gender to fine-tune campaigns and messaging to match the market.

Instead of relying on stale sales figures to gauge the impact of your marketing spend, Hootsuite Insights lets you track the social sentiment behind the conversation in real time, so you can adjust your messaging quickly.

Pr Communications@3X

PR and Corporate Communications

Conversations about your brand happen day and night, and when bad news happens it can spread quickly. You need to be among the first to know when the conversation turn negative.

The Signals feature in Hootsuite Insights recognizes unusual bursts and spikes in the volume or tone of the conversations you're tracking. You'll get immediate alerts if there's a sudden spike or drop in activity around one of your keywords, so you can get in front of any potential PR crisis—before it goes viral.

Market Research@3X

Market Research

Use social as a real-time, global focus group to better understand markets and product use cases, and analyze competitive offerings. You can even filter results geographically—down to city level—or by gender to segment potential markets in detail.

Product Development@3X

Product Development

Learn what resonates with product users and early adopters to find new product development and improvement opportunities. Identify and quantify issues, track the success of new launches, and collect specific product feedback.



Find potential leads by searching online conversations for buying signals that indicate they are primed for contact. Gather competitive intelligence—and hear when their customers are unhappy and ripe for a change.

Customer Service@3X

Customer Service

Proactively listen for people needing help or expressing dissatisfaction with your product, service, or brand, so you can react quickly and effectively, before negative sentiment spreads. Evaluate the effectiveness of your support-related content, support process, and uncover and quantify problems.

Hr Recruitment@3X

HR and Recruitment

Source candidates and recruit new talent more efficiently. Proactively find people searching for roles you need to fill. Measure candidates' professional impact and social reputation. Gauge current employee engagement, and find employees to serve as brand ambassadors.