Why you need this guide

The Blended Learning Guide: Teaching Social Media in Higher Education with Hootsuite is useful for college or university educators who wish to add online learning to their curricula. Learn how your curricula can be adjusted with both online and in-person instruction to deliver the critical digital skills graduates need for today’s workforce.

After reading this guide, you will be able to:

  • Adapt your curriculum to include both online and face-to-face instruction
  • Explore how online content can be introduced in your classroom
  • Learn how Hootsuite’s online social media courseware can be integrated into your classroom
  • Understand the benefits of a blended classroom

Transitioning to a blended learning approach doesn’t need to be difficult

After using the steps listed in this guide, you’ll be prepared to seamlessly teach both online and offline content in your classroom. 

  • Assess your Current Situation Icon


    Assess your Current Situation

    Perform an audit of your current course content to determine what can be learned online. 

  • Curate Online Content icon


    Curate Online Content

    Find and discover online courseware to add to your curriculum.* 

  • Determine fit icon


    Determine Fit

    Understand where online content would fit best and have the most beneficial effect for student learning.

  • Integrate Online Content icon


    Integrate Online Content

    Update and introduce new online learning modules to complement your learning outcomes.

* Hootsuite helps ease the trouble of sourcing quality, up-to-date materials for teaching social media through Hootsuite's Higher Education Program. Available for educators at accredited higher education institutions. Restrictions may apply.

Why use a blended learning approach? The advantages are simple.

  • It's flexible. Allow your students to learn where they want, when they want

    It saves time. Free up time in your schedule using Hootsuite's prepared online learning content

  • It reduces anxiety. Give students the opportunity to learn content at their own pace

    It provides a new learning outlet. Develop your students' skills in online collaboration and discussion

Get Started

  1. Download this guide
  2. Apply for Hootsuite’s Higher Education Program*
  3. Transition your classroom towards blended learning

* Available for educators at accredited higher education institutions. Restrictions may apply.