Customer Support chatbot testing

Messenger bot exposed via Facebook Chat Plugin



Before you launch the bot for the first time you'll need to confirm an invitation to test its associated Facebook app:

  1. Go to  Facebook's developer portal
    1. Login, and create/confirm your profile if it asks you to (30sec)
    2. Click on 'Requests (x)' under the 'My Apps' drop-down, top right
    3. Confirm all invites for test bots (this'll save time later)
    4. Close that window
  2. Reload (cmd + r) this page

Launch the bot, it should immediately introduce itself and send you our welcome message and buttons. If so, you're good to go! Read Test Scenario and Background below for some context :)


If the bot, launches with no textis unresponsiveand your queries remain unread... you likely don't have access to this particular test bot. Carry out steps above

If you get into the Facebook developer portal and there's no invite waiting for you:

  1. If you haven't already, please go to this form and paste in your Facebook profile URL (personal or test account)
  2. Slack or email the app's admin to be added as a bot tester - include the name of the bot you need access to (EXAMPLE "HS-FreeuserBot-PreProd")
  3. Adam will reply when he's added you as a bot tester, meaning there'll be an invite waiting for you, just start the setup instructions again from the top :)

If your chat window opened blank, but the bot responded when you typed a query: 

  1. Sorry, you missed out on the welcome experience users will see (users won't have the permission issues that cause this). Type 'welcome' and you'll start at the welcome message. 


You're a Free customer who has launched the chat widget to find an answer to a question you have about Hootsuite, or solution for an issue you're having with Hootsuite

Type 'restart' to restart. Ignore any messages from 'Chatfuel' - these won't be in the version that goes live. Ignore the chatbot's 'name' (e.g. "HS-FreeuserBot-PreProd"), this will be different for launch. 


The chatbot connected to the chat widget on this page is different to what Support was originally working on. This chatbot is:

  • Available across the domain
  • Visible only to Free users who are logged in
  • Not able to handover to agents (in Hootsuite Inbox, Snapengage)
  • Not built to answer typed questions