Collaborate effectively with these flexible features

Organization Setup@1X

Safeguard your social media presence

Protect your social accounts—and your brand—by easily managing access to your organization's social media accounts without sharing passwords.

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Team Permissions@1X

Set custom permission levels

Avoid errors and rogue posts by managing approval workflows and user levels. Grant employees access to only the profiles, permissions, and networks they need.

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Team Assignments@1X

Manage tasks and assignments

Assign social media tasks to the appropriate team, department, or region—boosting efficiency, accuracy, and response times.

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Content Library@1X

Get everyone on the same page

Give team members access to a shared library of on-brand social content and assets—saving time and improving the consistency of responses.

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Hootsuite enables our team to manage workflow and collaboration, while maintaining secure permissions.

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Michael Landauer Digital Communities Manager The Dallas Morning News