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Video Transcript

Vanity URL’s are created for placement on marketing materials so your links can have a stronger branded impact than regular URL’s.

By having a custom URL that is reflective of your brand, you can direct your audience to a call to action using a URL link that is shorter, easier to remember, and more trustworthy.

All the while, still employing the click-through statistics and security of shortened links.

Before you create a vanity URL, you’ll first need to upgrade your Hootsuite account.  

Only a super admin of an organization can create and grant team access to vanity URL’s, so be sure you’ve set up an organization with social networks and teams.

Finally, you need to have a registered domain name from an accredited web host.

Once you’re ready to install a vanity URL, go to the launch menu, hover over settings, select Vanity URL and then click the plus icon.

Type in the vanity URL you would like to use with Pro and make sure to include "http://" before the URL.  

A best practice is to keep vanity URL’s short, simple and reflective of your brand.

Now type in the root redirect URL you would like to use - this is the website or landing page your URL will direct users to.

Next, select the organization where the URL is being added, then the team or teams who you want to be able to use it.

After clicking save, Copy the IP address which is the numerical string.

This information will also be sent to the email associated with your Hootsuite account.

It usually takes about 24 hours for your vanity URL to get approved and propagated around the Internet.

When you or your team members want to include the customized link in your message, simply compose your message, type the link for your site and then click the gear icon.

Under URL Shortener, select your vanity URL and then click Send Now.

But what if you’re on the go, and need to publish a post using a Vanity URL with a mobile device?  

Using the Hootsuite Mobile App, simply compose your message, paste the link you want to share, tap the link shortener icon, and select your vanity URL from the list.  

Once your link is automatically converted to a Vanity URL, you’re ready to send your message.

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