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Video Transcript

Social media metrics are most valuable when shared with the right people.  For example, using them to demonstrate ROI to senior leadership, or to guide your team’s social media tactics. 

But generating and sharing analytics reports with stakeholders and senior managers can be a time-consuming and tedious process.

Furthermore, producing reports collaboratively can be a challenge.

Hootsuite Analytics solves this problem with real-time collaboration and sharing options.  

By sharing a Board with another member of your Hootsuite Organization, you‘ll grant them continuous access to real-time data.  

And unlike traditional reporting, stakeholders can adjust the parameters of a shared Board to fine-tune the insights being generated.

Once you’ve set up a Board you’re ready to start sharing and collaborating!

To share a board with a team member, use the Share button, and enter their name or email; You can include a note to provide context into what’s being shared, which your team member will receive in the notification email.  

Pressing the share button also displays who currently has access to the Board, and provides the option to revoke access to users who no longer need it.

Consider what level of access you want your team member to have to the board being shared. Setting permission to ‘Can Read’ means they can only view the data.  

Setting permissions to ‘Can Edit’, on the other hand, allows for collaboration on the board by providing full editing rights.    

Full editing rights means a teammate can do everything the Board creator can do, including changing permissions for the Board, sharing it, adding or deleting metrics, and changing the social network feeding data into the metrics.

Before sharing a Board, a best practice is to rename them to provide context to those who will be viewing them with fresh eyes.  

As the number of Boards in play grows, it can be a challenge to keep track of what’s been shared with you, and what you’re keeping private.  

Hootsuite Analytics sorts a user’s Boards into two groups: “My Boards” and “Shared with Me”, all of which are all visible within a single, filterable list.  

If you want to share metrics data with someone offline, for example, to demonstrate the impact of social to senior leadership, you can export reports in a variety of formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and CSV.  Simply set the calendar to the target dates, click the download icon and then select the desired format.