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Video Transcript

When it comes to inviting many team members to manage your company’s social media presence, there are a few questions that typically arise: how to control off-brand communications, how to limit password sharing, and how to give employees an efficient way to collaborate so they can seamlessly address concerns and opportunities that crop up through the company’s social channels.  

Creating a Hootsuite Organization is your best bet to address all three.

Simply put, a Hootsuite Organization is the overall structure of how your company’s employees and social media networks are organized within Hootsuite.

Your Hootsuite Organization can be comprised of members, teams, and social networks.

Within this structure, you can control the levels of access members have to your social assets - this functionality is called “permissions”.  

And at the top of this structure are Super Admins.  

Super-Admins have master-level permissions to all aspects of your Hootsuite Organization and can organize your members into teams and grant access to specific social networks.    

Organizing the members of your organization into teams is an easy way to ensure that everyone will have access to the proper social networks they need to to execute their duties.

For example, if you have a dedicated Twitter account for customer support, you can assign it to the customer support team, so all team members can be involved in managing that particular network.

Permissions at the Social Network level are important because you may not want every team or member to have access to every social network.  

Say the CEO of your company has a Twitter account, you’ll want to limit access to this network to a select group of trusted colleagues.

Additionally, permissions can be reviewed and set on an individual member level.

This is especially useful when an employee moves within the organization.  

We will dive into the details for how these iers and permissions interact with each other in the upcoming videos.

The important thing to remember is that creating a Hootsuite Organization can help streamline workflows, enhance security and protect the integrity of your brand.

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