Adobe Exchange Partner of the Year

Hootsuite, a Premier partner in the Adobe Exchange program, was awarded the 2018 Adobe Exchange Partner of the Year award in both Americas and EMEA in recognition of our ability to successfully provide customers with social media management solutions through numerous integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Campaign for Hootsuite


Integrate social data to drive business results

When you integrate Hootsuite with Adobe Campaign, you unlock the value of social data to gain measurable, actionable insights. You can view leads’ engagement on social, track their Campaign interaction history, and use integrated online and offline data to create and deliver content and experiences that convert better.

Gain deeper insights into the customer journey, measure the impact of social media on your marketing efforts, and convert more leads with Hootsuite + Adobe Campaign.

Adobe Analytics for Hootsuite Impact

Adobe Analytics

Prove the business value of your content strategy

Empower your team with Adobe Analytics for Hootsuite Impact to measure the ROI of creative content on social media. Understand content performance across owned, earned, and paid media.

Learn more about Hootsuite Impact

Adobe Experience Manager for Hootsuite

Adobe Experience

Connect your content library to social channels

With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for Hootsuite, you can use approved brand content from your asset library directly within Hootsuite Publisher. Search, download, and share directly through the Hootsuite platform.

Click here to learn more about this integration or to install the app from the Hootsuite App Directory.

Adobe Experience Manager: Livefyre for Hootsuite


Turn your audience into a content machine

With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Livefyre for Hootsuite, you can curate, manage, and share content from your community. Send content from Hootsuite directly to Livefyre collections, manage & moderate your content within the dashboard, and share approved assets seamlessly to your social channels.

Click here to learn more about this integration or to install the app from the Hootsuite App Directory.

Adobe Stock for Hootsuite

Adobe Stock

Find the perfect visual assets for your social campaign

Use Adobe Stock for Hootsuite to access over 90 million high-quality, royalty-free creative assets.

Find the perfect visual content to publish instantly to your social media channels.

Adobe Marketo for Hootsuite


View the social interactions of your leads and qualify them faster

Integrating Marketo with Hootsuite lets you see the social interactions a lead has with your organization’s social profiles right in Marketo, giving you a unified and holistic view of each lead across the entire customer journey.