Incoraggia i tuoi collaboratori a condividere i post aziendali sui loro profili social

Empower Employees@3X

Drive employee adoption and content amplification with a secure, easy-to-use platform.

Reduce risk of non-compliant or off-brand posts by providing only approved messages for staff to share.

Enable on-the-go sharing by giving employees mobile access at their fingertips.

Migliora la comunicazione interna condividendo notizie tra i vari team

Increase Internal Awareness@3X

Inform employees of key company announcements and news by sending emails or push notifications to them.

Save time by managing all social messaging and amplification from a single, secure platform.

Encourage usage by letting employees choose the company content most relevant to them.

Misura la partecipazione del tuo team e quanto successo hanno i tuoi contenuti.

Measure Team Performance@3X

Report on adoption by measuring individual and organizational participation.

Track what content resonates and its impact on your reach and website traffic.

Optimize engagement through social content performance metrics.

Hootsuite Amplify rappresenta un'opportunità unica per attivare e potenziare il nostro pubblico in modo completamente nuovo. Cambia davvero le carte in tavola.

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