Filtering your Search Results by Language

Learn how to add language search parameters

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Filter Search Results By Language

Based on signup trends, 36% of Hootsuite’s Top 10 user signups by Country come from non-English speaking nations – making for a diverse mix of cultures and languages. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a HootTip for international and multilingual users. Learn how to filter your search results by language.

Here’s How

Simply add a language search parameter (listed below) to the end of your search. With over 20 languages to choose from, it’s easy to find results for #hashtags, @handles and keywords in your language.


This search parameter can be tacked on to any of Hootsuite’s search features: Search Streams, Keyword Tracking Streams and Quick Search.


Language Filters

Dutch – lang:nl
Danish – lang:da
English – lang:en
Filipino - lang:fil
Finnish – lang:fi
French – lang:fr
German – lang:de
Hindi – lang:hi
Hungarian – lang:hu
Indonesian – lang:id
Italian – lang:it
Japanese – lang:ja
Korean – lang:ko
Malay – lang:msa
Norwegian – lang:no
Polish – lang:pl
Portuguese – lang:pt
Russian – lang:ru
Simplified Chinese – lang:zh-cn
Spanish – lang:es
Swedish – lang:sv
Traditional Chinese – lang:zh-tw
Turkish – lang:tr