Adding Lists to your Hootsuite Dashboard

Find out how to track important topics and find relevant content

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Hootsuite search streams are great for tracking topics you’re most interested in. But keeping up with of all of the conversations, discussions and topics relevant to you, your business and your followers can be tough.

Easily follow those conversations and find the right content using Twitter Lists. Create one for your favorite bloggers, coworkers or event attendees and zero in on content you most closely want to follow.

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a tab, or create a new tab, that you would like to stream your lists in.
  2. In the Add-Stream Helper click the Lists button under the Networks tab.


  3. Select the appropriate list from your existing Twitter Lists by clicking the ‘+’ sign. Your Twitter List will automatically occupy a new stream.


  4. To create a new list, click Create new list in the bottom of the Add-Stream Helper. Enter a name for your new List, a description (optional), and select whether your List will be public or private. Click Save list.


Remember that each tab in your dashboard can have up to 10 streams. So, create up to 10 new Lists, or choose 10 from your existing unlimited Lists in Twitter.

Adding Contacts to Twitter Lists

Now that you’ve created Twitter Lists for different contacts, it’s time to add them.

To the left of your dash, click on the human icon for your Contacts page. Once there, use the drop-down menus to select Twitter profiles and which List you’d like to add contacts to. And then simply drag and drop people that follow you—or people that you follow—into those Lists.