Social Selling Action Plan

How to engage with prospects at crucial moments in the decision-making process

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Social media has had a huge impact on your customers’ buying process.

Buyers now have instant access to a trove of information and advice through online professional networks and social media.

You need a social selling action plan to keep pace.

So we’ve developed one: Social Selling Action Plan: Closing the Loop from Relationships to Revenue.

This exclusive Hootsuite guide will help you maximize your sales efficiency, using five key concepts that span the entire sales cycle, including:

  • Building deeper relationships with your prospects by discovering shared contacts, interests, and other common ground
  • Leaving a trail of compelling content that brings prospects to you
  • Catching the real-time buying signals that tell you when prospects are primed for contact

Our guide also goes beyond strategy to introduce the specific tools that help you put each concept into action effectively.

To learn how to be more engaged with your prospects at the critical moments of their decision-making process, just fill in the form on the right side of this page, and you’ll get instant access to your Social Selling Action Plan.