Customer and Competitor Intelligence

Best Practices and Time Saving Tactics

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How to gather intelligence from Hootsuite

Every day, social media users share hundreds of millions of Tweets, Facebook messages, and other content across a variety of social networks. All of this content is a potential source of information about your customers and your competitors, but how do you pick out the data that really matters to your business and make use of it?

Download this guide to learn how to save time and stay focused while gathering valuable customer and competitor intelligence on social media using Hootsuite. The guide will walk you through the following best practices:

  • Listen to the conversations that matter: observe relevant conversations about your business, your industry, and your competitors
  • Identify your audience: uncover the key demographic and geographic characteristics of your customers
  • Gain insights into content and influencers: understand which people and ideas are driving your customers’ decisions

Start gathering intelligence from social media and putting it to use for your business. Download the guide today.