Tips from the Higher Education Pros

9 tips on how to successfully engage throughout the student lifecycle

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Social media has changed the relationship between higher education institutions and their audiences—for the better. Schools that have broadened the scope of their communication with social media are seeing the results of these efforts through increased engagement, measurable upward trends in sentiment and loyalty, and successful fundraising activity.

Here at Hootsuite, we’ve been compiling a resource library of useful social media strategy information for post-secondary institutions.  With this guide, you can see first-hand how these digital media professionals make connections and maintain relationships through social efforts.

The guide demonstrates:

  • Maintaining audience interest and participation by publishing good content, consistently;
  • Inviting student participation through peer-run social accounts;
  • Aggregating best practices for optimizing social media platforms;
  • And more, including proven examples of innovative and successful social initiatives.