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Hootsuite Product Update & 2016 Sneak Preview

Every quarter, we unveil new solutions and key improvements in Hootsuite that can help you build your business.

Watch this exclusive, customers-only presentation to reveal this quarter’s top new Hootsuite solutions—including how to easily create visual reports and analyze customer service response times with Hootsuite Analytics Beta.
You’ll also hear about new integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and Yammer.

In the presentation, you’ll discover:

  • The key social trends in 2016—we’ll look at the social media trends that will shape 2016.
  • Hootsuite Analytics Beta—you’ll see how easy it is to create visual reports and clearly track what content or social profiles are bringing you new fans and customers.
  • New ways to work and share—discover how to better collaborate on big projects and turn more social conversations into revenue with Hootsuite’s new Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and Yammer integrations.
  • Customize your social media with Hootsuite’s API access—whether you want to publish to social channels from your existing CMS or create your own custom Content Library, Hootsuite’s API offers creative new ways to make social media more efficient.