Today’s sophisticated buyers want salespeople they can trust, and expect you to know as much about them and their pain points as they know about you and your product.

The good news is that they’re all over social media, revealing information about their business needs and creating openings for you to build meaningful relationships as a trusted advisor.

You can use social selling techniques to find more leads and close deals faster, but where do you get started? In this guide for sales professionals, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create compelling social profiles & presence. Attract more leads and impress your prospects with an online persona that works on your behalf, 24/7
  • Listen to what the industry is saying. Keep on top of the latest developments in your space and the companies you’re targeting
  • Observe prospect buying signals. Spot when prospects are at the critical moments of their buying process
  • Seek a warm connection. Leverage social media for introductions, gain a comprehensive view of your prospects, and reach decision makers faster
  • Educate your prospects for success. Provide buyers with the right information at the right time to stay top-of-mind