Leading companies, such as IBM, know that when different departments across the organization use social media to listen to their audiences and peers, they get stronger insights into their customers, competitors, industry, and communities.

Download this White Paper to find out how social media is sparking a new era of customer and industry-understanding in technology enterprises and how industry leaders are overcoming the challenges of integrating social media across their organization:

  • Marketing - Use ROI calculators to attribute your social media use to key business goals such as brand sentiment and sales revenue.
  • Customer Service - Effectively manage customer enquiries in multiple languages using a single, globally accessible platform.
  • Human Resources - Recruit high-quality candidates that demonstrate their engagement with tech through broader and targeted reach of job postings.
  • Sales - Use social channels such as LinkedIn to identify real-time buying signals and indications that a company is in a position to buy directly.
  • IT - Administer your account and set tiers of permissions to proactively secure and protect your online brand assets.