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Game Changers: 3 Quick Ways to Find the Best Content

How to generate a steady stream of engaging, shareable content in Hootsuite

From Reddit to BuzzFeed to your organization’s own social channels, content people want to share and talk about is the fuel that powers the social web.

Considering how time-consuming finding great content is—how do you stoke the fire with a steady stream of high quality, engaging articles, videos, and images?

Watch our short tutorial covering three content curation tools in Hootsuite—and make it easier and faster to find content that that resonates with your followers and customers.

Game Changers: 3 Quick Ways to Find the Best Content

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to use these three tools:

  • Hootsuite’s Suggested Content: Get shareable content suggestions—based on your Tweeting history—served up to you automatically
  • Hootsuite Syndicator: Access content feeds from your favorite websites—and find something great to share every day
  • TrendSpottr for Instagram: Find the very latest, top-trending photos and videos to share with your followers