Per avere successo sui social media, hai bisogno di una piattaforma collaudata
con comprovata esperienza e scalabilità per gestire qualsiasi situazione.

  • Hootsuite

    Oltre 16 milioni di utenti

    La piattaforma per la gestione dei social media più utilizzata al mondo.

    Utilizzata in oltre 175 paesi

    Offriamo assistenza a organizzazioni globali in oltre 175 paesi.

  • Gli altri

    Smaller user base

    There’s a reason more users choose Hootsuite.

    Used in less than 100 countries

    No platform is used in more countries than us.

Ecosistema di partner

Only an open ecosystem like ours can react quickly to industry trends while keeping social plugged into your existing tech stack.

  • Hootsuite

    Over 250 apps and integrations

    Seamlessly connect social with your existing tech stack.

    Open platform

    We adapt quicker to shifts in social behavior & technology.

  • Gli altri

    Less than 30 app integrations

    Not an efficient way to scale your investment in social.

    Closed platform

    Makes it difficult and costly to adapt to technology changes.


Over 200,000 professionals have turned to Hootsuite Academy to sharpen their social skills.

  • Hootsuite

    Industry recognized accreditation

    Our certifications are the gold-standard in social media. 

  • The Others

    No formal accreditation

    Nothing to help prove your skills to the world.

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  • Business

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    35 profili social
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    5 utenti, fino a 10

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