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Video Transcript

Well executed collaborations with other brands or Youtube influencers can have a great impact on your Youtube community. When you’re thinking about potential collaborators consider if your audiences have overlapping interests and compatible values. For example, if you’re running a gluten free bakery, you may reach out to a local chef and pitch the idea of an episode on gluten free baking. Collaborations should be complementary and bring value to both of your audiences.  Before approaching a potential collaborator, think carefully about how such a partnership would benefit their brand, as well as yours.  

A lot of discussion happens in Youtube comments, and unlike many other networks, tends to be more anonymous. Censoring discussions, even heated ones, is usually not a good idea;  engaging in healthy debate can bring authenticity and humanness to your channel.  However, feel free to delete hate speech, hostile or abusive comments, and spam.

Last but not least, take the time to connect with your viewers by encouraging and responding to comments, and taking their suggestions into consideration when developing future content. You can go a step further and engage your top fans by mentioning them in your videos. Prizes, contests and callouts are all great ways to create a two way interaction with your community.