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Video Transcript

Your community can be seen as an ever-growing and changing focus group. It’s a great place get a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your products. Carefully listening to the topics that arise in your community can provide insight into new features you should consider developing, or the  products you might want to bring to your shelves in the future. You can further cement positive relationship with your community members by seeking their input on these decisions through polls and questionnaires.

When a community is well-acquainted with your brand and products it can also become self-monitoring. When a question arises, community members may pipe in with an answer, thereby reducing the resources you dedicate to customer support. It’s still important to monitor the community space to moderate discussions and correct any misinformation, but the impact a knowledgeable community can make is significant.

By keeping a keen eye on the conversations happening in your community you can pass on warm leads to your sales team.  Passing along qualified sales leads that convert is an easy way to bolster the ROI of your social media program.

Lastly, you can use your community to get user-generated content through campaigns and contests, as well as ideas for upcoming content by asking them what topics they’d like to see covered on your blog or in an infographic.