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Video Transcript

At the heart of every successful organization are its advocates. Advocates come in many forms; customers, employees, fans, and influencers. Advocacy and community is all about building relationships that engage and empower these individuals, enabling you to build a following who will sing your praises to the networks.

Word of mouth recommendations are the most powerful advertising tools in your arsenal. By leveraging advocates for your organization, you can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, leading to benefits such as increased conversions, positive brand sentiment, and a greater social share of voice within your industry.

Think of Advocacy and Community as an umbrella that encompasses all sorts of interactions and relationship-building tactics. It can include an Employee Advocacy Program, a Brand Advocate Program, an Influencer Program, and finally, a Community Engagement Strategy, which may include online or in person events.

In this course, we’ll show you what it takes to build a community from scratch, including how to build Advocacy programs, how to engage and effectively build relationships with prospects, customers, and employees, as well as how advocacy can help you support business objectives.