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Video Transcript

Publishing content to your Instagram profile can be a challenge - you can’t always stop what you’re doing to post at the optimal time of the day.

By using Hootsuite to compose and schedule your Instagram posts, you can plan what you publish in advance and have a bird's eye view of all your upcoming social messages in the Publisher tab.

To start composing and scheduling Instagram posts from your Hootsuite dashboard, first add your Instagram account to Hootsuite.

Once you’ve added Instagram as a network, you will be prompted to ‘Set Up Publishing Now’.  Enabling publishing will allow you to receive push notifications from Hootsuite that notify you when your Instagram posts are ready to be published.

If you haven’t already, you will need to install and launch the latest version of the Hootsuite mobile app on your mobile device.

Under Settings, navigate to the Notifications menu and turn on push notifications for the desired Instagram accounts.

It’s important to note that while you can compose and schedule Instagram posts in the Hootsuite dashboard, Instagram requires you to publish the post through the Instagram app on your mobile device.

To compose your post, enter the text, hashtags and emojis in the compose box, attach the image you want to share and click “Send Now”.

If scheduling in advance, pick the time you want to share your post and click “Schedule.”

Once a post has been sent from Hootsuite, you’ll receive a push notification on your mobile device letting you know your post is ready to publish.  

To publish the post, tap the push notification.

This will take you straight to the post that is ready to publish in the Hootsuite Mobile App.

Review the message and when you’re ready, tap "Open in Instagram.”

This will launch the Instagram app, load your picture and automatically copy the caption of the post to your phone’s clipboard.

If you want, adjust or filter your image, then simply press and hold in the caption field to paste your caption.

Finally, tap Share to publish the post to your followers.

If you don’t open your push notifications, you can still find your posts by opening the Notification  Center and tapping the post you wish to publish.

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts from your mobile device, it’s essential that you are logged into the account from which you intend to share your post.

If you’ve scheduled your post to publish to multiple social networks, your photo will appear instream across each one.

For Twitter, this means your followers will see an image as opposed to a link, which provides a more engaging experience for your Twitter audience.