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Video Transcript

Listening to, engaging with and amplifying content from your community can be tough to manage directly from the Instagram app.

With Hootsuite, you can set up search streams to listen to activity around hashtags and physical locations, easily respond to comments from your community and amplify content to your other social networks - all from one dashboard.

Once you’ve authorized Hootsuite to access your Instagram account, pick the streams you’d like to add.

You can choose to display your home feed, your posts, post you have liked and scheduled posts.

Additionally, you can view a list of users whom you’ve recently followed and those who have followed you, and monitor search streams with specific hashtags, users, and locations.

Let’s say you run a small organic grocery store and your customers actively use your branded hashtag to share photos of their purchases and culinary creations.

Set up a hashtag search stream so you can quickly acknowledge every person who supports your brand by liking and commenting on their posts.

With a search stream for your store location you can see and engage with all the photos posted there that may have not used your branded hashtag.

If you attend a farmers’ market, set up a location search stream so you can track the conversations happening in the area and connect with new potential customers.

If you want to connect with prominent food bloggers and local wellness advocates, set up user search streams for their profiles so you can frequently and easily engage with their content and maximize your opportunity to draw their attention back to your profile.

Third party apps like Trendspotter and VidPiq provide complementary Instagram functionality.

Use Trendspotter to find trending content around certain hashtags and use Vidpiq to perform geo-targeted searches and monitor multiple keywords in the same stream for powerful targeting.

Altogether, Hootsuite provides the best solution for managing your business’ Instagram presence easily and effectively.