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Video Transcript

Hootsuite’s ever-growing library of partner apps and integrations give you the ability to customize your dashboard for even more specific uses.    

The app directory offers over 100 free and premium apps.

You can access the app directory from within your dashboard by going to the Launch menu.

Within the popup window, scroll or search for the app you’d like to install and click Install App.

If the app is available as a stream, you’ll need to add the app’s stream.

Choose either “Add to new tab” or “Add to existing tab”.

If the app has a plugin, you’ll see an additional tab where you can remove the plugin if desired.

A plugin means the app can be integrated across your entire dashboard and is not localized to a single stream.

Now click finish and get started with your new app!

To see the most up to date list of all the apps available in the Hootsuite App directory visit