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Video Transcript

As your organization grows, new employees will join your company, some will leave, and others may move internally between departments.

Hootsuite makes it easy to manage continuous personnel change within your organization and with a few best practices in mind, will make this process quick, secure, and seamless.

When a new employee is onboarded, it’s important to add them to the appropriate team within your Hootsuite Organization.

Make sure they are assigned a suitable permission level to any social networks to which they are granted access.

We recommend setting the default permissions to Limited so they can monitor your dashboard activity as they learn about the company’s social media strategy and presence, before being granted a higher level of access.

When you add a new user to your Hootsuite organization, it is critical that they update their profile with a clear headshot and their title.

This security-enhancing tactic makes it easy to identify if a particular user has access to the right social assets for their role and is placed on the right teams.

We strongly encourage this practice for organizations of any size, but especially for those that are too large for everyone to know each other personally.

This is also a great practice if your company works with contractors who may be given access to your dashboard for set periods of time.

When you conduct audits of your Hootsuite organization, be sure to remove those users that you cannot identify clearly to ensure your accounts are kept secure.

When a team member moves within your organization, it’s important to reflect that change in your dashboard.

For example, if someone moves from HR to Marketing, don’t forget to disconnect their access from HR related accounts as they transition into their new role.

And lastly, make sure to develop an action plan for when employees leave your company.

This plan should include a notification procedure that lets your super-admins know of any upcoming and sudden departures so they can quickly remove users from your Hootsuite Organization.

If a departing employee has native access to any of your social assets, it’s critical to change the passwords to those accounts as soon as possible.

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