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Video Transcript

Granting permissions to social networks is the last step to ensuring effective collaboration with your team within your Hootsuite dashboard.

Varying degrees of social network permissions offer your organization security and protection of your company’s branded assets.

Social network permissions are granted by super admins, admins, and team admins.

The individuals with this level of authority must have a good understanding of the company's organizational structure to be able to assign an appropriate level of permission to each team member.

Each permission level allows a different level of access to a particular social media profile.

Editor permissions let a user view all streams and publish messages to the network, without approval.

Advanced permissions allow the user to make the network a secure profile, manage RSS feeds, and manage other users’ permission settings for the social network, in addition to viewing streams and publishing messages.

Team members with advanced permissions should be trusted individuals who are well versed in your social media strategy and messaging.

We suggest granting this level of permissions to a senior community manager or marketing director.

Users with Pro accounts have the option to assign editor or advanced permission levels to their team members, while Enterprise accounts have an additional level of limited permissions.

Users with limited permissions can view streams, monitor social networks, and compose pending messages. Once composed, their messages are put into a queue in the Publisher for approval by team members with advanced permissions.

The limited permission level is best for interns, new hires, or temporary contractors who are just getting familiar with your company’s social media presence and practices.

To adjust access to a social network for a particular user, go to their profile overview, select the social network, and select an appropriate permission level from a drop-down menu.

Utilizing social network permissions is critical to ensuring the security of your social media channels.

This feature lets you place control in the right hands, and lets new employees and trainees participate and learn about your social strategy while eliminating the risk of mismanagement of key information.

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