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Video Transcript

For organizations who receive large amounts of incoming messages, or for those who do not have 24/7 social media support, Hootsuite’s Automated Assignments ensures that messages which may otherwise become lost within your streams are assigned to the correct teams.

Automated Assignments allow users with Admin, Super Admin, or custom access to auto-assign inbound messages based on specific keywords. Use automated assignments to address messages that may be of priority to your business, such as an outbreak of food poisoning for hospitality industry. Message assignments also make it easier to measure your customer support efforts by providing metrics, such as First Response, Pickup, and Resolution Time of each employee.

To create an Automated Assignment, click the Automation button within your organization on the Hootsuite Dashboard. Add a new Automated Assignment, provide an optional name, choose your social network, and the types of messages you wish to assign.

Keywords can now be added to narrow down the types of messages that will be assigned. For example, a social engagement coordinator may create an Automated Assignment with keywords such as love, great, amazing, thanks – and even relevant emoji – in order to efficiently capture and respond to positive messages from customers.

Once the keywords are in place, choose who the messages will be assigned to, either a team or an individual, and click Create Action to complete the Automated Assignment. It’s important to note that messages can only be assigned once, but may be reassigned manually if necessary.

Assignments are in an active state when the toggle next to the assignment is blue, and can be paused by toggling them off. Messages received while an automated assignment action is off will default to any other relevant active assignments, or will not be assigned. Automated Assignments run in priority from top to bottom of the assignments list, and may be reordered by dragging and dropping the monitors into your preferred sequence. A key event that may require reorganization of your assignments is an internal crisis.

For example, if you’re in the hospitality industry and there’s an outbreak of food poisoning at one of your hotels, you could create a specific assignment to watch for incoming messages containing words like food poisoning, and sick - and have the messages automatically assigned to your PR or crisis management team for response.

Social Engagement and Customer Service teams can benefit from assignments not only in their day to day workflow, but also through the creation of custom analytics boards. In Hootsuite Analytics, click Create New Board and under Team, select the Assignments Board Template. Here, you can use metrics such as Pickup Time by Team and Handling Time by Member to monitor individual and team performance, gain insight into the efficacy of your various teams, and identify where additional resources may need to be allocated. For example, if you identify a team where response times are consistently high, you may wish to consider adding additional staff to support your efforts.