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Video Transcript

As an Administrator, you have access to a variety of key functions to make Hootsuite Insights secure and easy to manage. For example, multiple teams in your organization may be using Insights for a variety of reasons and so have separate streams set up for things like competitive analysis, market research and customer service.  As an administrator, you may need to gate access to certain streams to minimize security risks, and ensure the right people have access to the right information. As such, the ability to navigate Hootsuite Insights administrative controls is a highly useful skillset.

Let’s say you need to do add a new team or a new hire to your Hootsuite Insights account. You can share access to Hootsuite Insights in the following ways: by creating views and by adding users in the Settings Panel. New views are useful when multiple teams use Insights for different purposes and when confidential information might be surfaced. To create a new view, select Users and Views, and then Add View. Add a descriptive name, such as Marketing Team or Competitive Intelligence. Next, limit the number of users who are able to access this view.

Also consider limiting the number of streams allocated to this view, so one team doesn’t use up all the streams included in your package. For example, you might reserve 5 streams for customer support, 10 for marketing, 10 for security and 10 for the sales team. Add the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite to this View, select the appropriate permissions - which we’ll explore in detail shortly - and then select Create View.

If you simply need to add another team member to your Hootsuite Insights account, click Invite Users and select the view they’ll be getting access to. Add their email, select the appropriate permission level, and click “Send Invitation” to complete. You can also grab the invitation URL to share with them directly.

You can grant each user one of four levels of permissions: Observer, Contributor, Supervisor or Admin.

Observers can view the streams in their assigned View, create tasks, apply tags and create custom reports for the streams they have access to. Observers cannot adjust streams or add new ones.

Contributors can save, edit and delete their own streams. They can’t manage streams created by other users, but they CAN post to connected social profiles and connect additional social profiles if necessary.

Supervisors can manage all streams in the view they’ve been assigned and add users to that view with permissions ranging between observer and supervisor.

Lastly, Admins can complete all of these actions for all users and  views, create new views and copy streams from one view to another.

To adjust your name or email address, go to My Account Profile. Lastly, to view your plan details and see how many streams and users are being used, Select View My Plan.