Ambassador of the month for August

Arturo Aguirre

What is your job title, and where do you work?

Digital Communications Manager at Ministry of Interior.

Why did you join the Ambassador program?

I joined because I believe we can change our countries with social media. Hootsuite is not only a social media management tool, it's a company that has changed the city of Vancouver with their work culture and I want that for Mexico City.

What is the best part about being an Ambassador?

With out a doubt it's the possibility to learn from other Ambassadors. You meet people with different cultures and this allows to solve problems in a better way. Using #TeamWork as an Ambassador you are an important part of Hootsuite. You might not be an employee, but I can feel the company's passion for social media and the team helps us and care about us no matter where we live.

So far, what is your favourite memory while being part of the #HootAmb family?

The best day so far was meeting part of the Ambassadors Team during Mexico City's Social Media Week and HootupMX with Thiago. I learn that language is not a barrier, it is just the opportunity to start this thing we call friendship. Friends don't need words. 

 What is your number one social tip?

Always try to connect with your community offline - we forget about "touching" people. Share experiences and learn from others the "old way". Don't forget that social media is about people, what they care, their feelings and not about a number of likes or followers.

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