Thinking about incorporating social media into your organization?

That’s great news! There are lots of benefits to becoming a social business, but it’s crucial to build upon a solid foundation.

So we’ve created a roadmap to guide you as you begin your journey toward becoming a social business.

Our Introduction to Becoming a Social Business is a toolkit that’s packed with hands-on advice and practical steps you can start taking right away to become a social business, including:

  • Guide - Introduction to Social Networks: A Guide to Getting Started on Social Media

An overview of the most popular social networks—from Twitter to Tumblr. Learn how and when to use each one, and read real-life examples of how businesses are leveraging them right now.

  • White Paper - 8 Tips for Building a Social Business

Learn the practical steps to getting executive buy-in for your social media efforts—including the best way to give executives an at-a-glance look at your company’s social activity.

  • Guide - Scaling Social Media: The Power of Employee Advocates

Learn 6 practical and proven tips for developing passionate—and willing—employee advocates who can amplify your social messaging by sharing your messages with their networks.

To learn more about how you can successfully scale your social media efforts across your organization, just fill in the form on the right side of this page, and you’ll get instant access to our Introduction to Becoming a Social Business.