Save time and increase your Facebook engagement

Ignite Engagement

Ignite engagement with Facebook Video

It’s no secret: videos and images attract more clicks, fans, and conversations on Facebook. Easily upload and schedule Facebook Videos and visual content right from Hootsuite.


Gain speed with scheduling

Schedule hundreds of Facebook messages in advance. Coordinate global campaigns in different time zones. Or quickly pick a small batch of daily messages to be published throughout the day.

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Efficiently monitor and respond to messages

Collaborate as a team on incoming private messages, comments, and posts to your Facebook Page. Monitor all your page activity in one place, then quickly respond to key conversations, or assign them to the right person or team for action.


Add power to your posts

Increase the reach of your top performing organic content by boosting it directly from the dashboard. Set rules for when to boost posts and which audiences you want to reach.

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Pick a business goal. Improve your performance.

Pick a metric, track your progress, and prove your impact with visual reports. From automated custom reports for multiple clients to detailed audience insights, you’ll see exactly what works on Facebook and why.

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Manage Facebook wherever you like

You don’t need to be at work to get work done. Schedule Facebook content you discover while reading on your phone. Answer comments. Assign tasks to your team. All from your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

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