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Video Transcript

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn houses your professional presence online, and also allows you to stay in touch with colleagues and friends, find experts and new ideas, and explore opportunities within a broad network of professionals. Students and recent college graduates make up LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic.

Your LinkedIn profile serves as a standing resume that showcases your expertise, experience, and education. Your profile is discoverable through the millions of LinkedIn searches conducted daily. In order to stay competitive, you can discover insights about other companies, industries and individuals, allowing you to make better-informed career and business decisions. With a premium subscription, users are able to expand their searches, zero in on leads and connect with people outside of your networks.

LinkedIn Company Pages provide businesses with immense opportunities to connect with the largest online network of job seekers, employees, potential customers, partners, and more.

Individuals can follow LinkedIn Company pages to stay up to date with new developments from companies they’re interested in, compare products and services, and track potential business opportunities.

HR teams can leverage LinkedIn’s vast network of professionals to promote job opportunities on your company page. This allows job seekers to reshare job postings and provides opportunities for interested candidates to reach out to someone in your company directly. Additionally, HR teams can save time by using LinkedIn in the screening process to verify potential candidates by going through their profiles.

Your sales teams can utilize LinkedIn’s powerful search capabilities to identify new leads and connect with industry thought leaders. Sales reps can also initiate conversations and engage with potential customers or people in your industry on LinkedIn Groups.

Marketing teams can promote new products and services as well as create brand awareness by sharing valuable content on company pages. A LinkedIn Company page is a valuable tool that allows businesses to connect with millions of professionals and potential customers as well as other businesses.