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Video Transcript

Before you purchase an ad, it’s important to think critically about how you want it to affect your business. In order to have a meaningful impact, the ads you create must be aligned with your social media strategy and business goals.

The four components you need to define are what your ad will say, who you want to target, what action do you want them to take and finally how you will measure those actions.  When it comes to defining the goal of your ad, it’s important to keep a narrow scope. For example, you may want to attract people to your event, sign up for your newsletter, download an ebook or Like your Page. What you don’t want to do is create an ad that aims to do all of the above as it will most likely dilute its effectiveness. You should really focus on picking a clear goal and then tailor your ad to get the response you want.  

To determine the best social networks to advertise on, study the traffic sources to your website to see which social network is bringing you quality traffic. In other words, are visitors from Facebook already more likely to buy tickets to your events? Or maybe it’s mostly your followers on Twitter who are subscribing to your newsletter or signing up for trials of your products. If you’re a B2B business whose community is most actively engaged on LinkedIn, that’s likely the best place for your advertising efforts. With a social media strategy in place, you should be able to get guidance on this kind of information.

Before settling on a platform, take some time to do preliminary targeting research. On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can get a real sense for the size of your audience your ad could reach by adjusting audience dimensions such as interests, gender, job title and company size. With your goals in mind, perform these searches before deciding on that platform to serve your ad.