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Video Transcript

Video is a powerful way to engage with your online audience - and can be a vital component of a successful social media strategy or campaign.  With Hootsuite, you can easily publish and schedule your YouTube videos across multiple social networks to support specific campaign and content marketing goals.

To begin, add YouTube as a social network to your Hootsuite account.  Select the Youtube Video tab in the compose box and attach your video.Next, add the video’s details including the title, a clear and concise description, relevant tags, and the category.  You can also specify an existing playlist where the video will live.

You can choose to upload your video as public, private or unlisted. If you wish to upload your video as private or unlisted, but make it public down the road, you can schedule the time for when you’d like the video to become public. For example, you may be planning a Halloween campaign and want to upload a video as private so you can solicit feedback from colleagues before the official release date.

Note that the maximum length of videos you can share through Hootsuite is 15 minutes. However, if you have a verified YouTube account, you can can upload videos up to 11 hours long.  Bear in mind too that the supported format is .mp4  and the maximum size allowed is 1 gigabyte.  

Once the video is published, you’ll have the option to ‘Share Via Hootsuite’, which is how you can publish your video, along with accompanying text, across other social channels.

In the Publisher, under the Scheduled tab, you can adjust the scheduled publishing time of your video, as well as edit details like the title, description and tags. As always, you can also edit your scheduled social posts.     

Once published, you can see the number of views and comments your videos receive in stream. For a better way to identify your top performing videos and get additional data points, add the YouTube Analytics app to your dashboard from the App directory.