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Video Transcript

As your organization grows and social strategy becomes more intertwined with business strategy, efficient collaboration between your employees becomes increasingly important.  

Hootsuite’s permissions feature helps you manage and coordinate the growing team of people who are carrying out the day-to-day social media activities for your brand.

There are three permission types at the organizational level -  super admin, admin and default.

Super-admins can manage all functions of the Hootsuite organization, including creating teams, adding team members and social networks, billing, and control over all permissions settings.  

Super-admins can also grant super admin status to other members of the organization.

It’s essential to have at least two super admins in your Hootsuite organization in case a one of them forgets their password, goes on vacation, or leaves the company unexpectedly.

Super admins should have a high level of seniority within your company and a great deal of responsibility for the success of your organization’s social strategy.

Senior communications managers,  agency directors or even the CEO are good candidates for this role.

To help Super Admins manage the constantly evolving nature of social organizations, they can also grant less robust Admin permissions to trusted colleagues such as department heads or Senior Social Media Managers.  

Those with Admin level permissions are able to add and remove team members and social networks; they can also create or merge teams within a Hootsuite Organization, which is helpful for large companies constantly reorganizing teams of people and social accounts.

The majority of employees in your Hootsuite Organization will have ‘default’ permissions, which means they aren’t able to manage the structure of the Organization.  

To assign Organization permissions, click the ‘manage’ button within your member overview page, hover over the member whose permissions you’d like to change, click the gear icon and choose ‘manage permissions’.

From here, you’ll be able to set the member’s permissions to either Default, Admin, or Super-Admin.