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Video Transcript

An RSS feed is an easy way to distribute the latest content from your own blog and from other websites and blogs you trust and respect.

Adding an RSS feed to Hootsuite is a great way to save time updating your social networks - whenever you or one of the blogs you follow publishes a new post, Hootsuite will automatically post it to the social network you choose, with a scripted message and a trackable link.

To add an RSS feed to Hootsuite, first navigate to the website you’d like to add and grab the RSS feed link.

Back in the dashboard hover over settings in the launch menu, and select RSS/Atom.

Click the plus button to add a new feed, and paste the RSS feed URL into the “feed url” text field. Select the profile you’d like to send the blog posts to, then choose the time interval you’d like Hootsuite to check for new content.

If you select 24 hours, Hootsuite will check for new content once a day.

If you want to publish more frequently, select 1 hour.

Next choose how many posts to send if Hootsuite detects new content.

If you follow a blog that posts content frequently, you may want to publish up to 5 articles every time it checks for new posts.

You can add a bit of text to your update, such as “This just in” then choose from the drop down menu of URL shorteners, and click save feed.

Now you’ll see a list of your feeds and which accounts they’re being published to.

You can pause the feed whenever you’d like by toggling the ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch, which will stop Hootsuite from publishing new posts.

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