Get started with Hootsuite Pro

Follow these steps to set-up your dashboard and get the most out of it.

Getting Started

New to Hootsuite? Start here. These steps will get your dashboard up and running.
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  • 1. Connect Your Social Networks

    Hootsuite Pro lets you manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ Pages, and LinkedIn accounts from the same place. All you have to do is add them. See how
When you connect your social networks, you can see–and use–all of them in the dashboard. This is the foundation of what makes Hootsuite so powerful. Watch the video below to learn how to connect your profiles, then login and connect yours.
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  • 2. Create your first tab and streams

    Keep your social networks and feeds organized in a way that makes sense to you. See how
Tabs and streams let you organize, customize, and categorize social information in an easy-to-follow way. To set up your first tab with streams, watch this quick video. Now try it yourself.
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  • 3. Compose and share your first message

    Now that you've connected your networks and streams, it's time to speak up. See how
You can compose messages and share them to one, some, or all of your social networks (length permitting). It's easy to do, and because you don't have to post to all of your profiles individually, you'll save a ton of time. Watch the video to learn how -- and start sharing messages.


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Beyond the Basics

Now that you've got your dashboard up and running, follow these steps to ensure you're getting the most out of it.
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  • 4. Listen to conversations with search streams

    What's your audience saying? How about potential customers? And competitors? Find out with search streams. See how
Creating search streams within the dashboard lets you follow specific keywords and hashtags on social networks. When someone uses one of these words, it appears in your stream. Find out how to setup search streams by watching the video below. Try it now.
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  • 5. Add apps to the dashboard

    Grow your social world with apps–social networks and services like Soundcloud, YouTube, and others. See how
Apps let you extend your social reach with popular social networks and services. Most of them are free, and they don't count towards your social profile limit. Visit the app directory here, and watch how to install them in the video below.
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  • 6. Download Hootlet

    This browser extension for Chrome is the quickest and easiest way to share content. See how
Hootlet is a really powerful tool that lets you share to all your social networks from anywhere on the web with just a click. No toggling tabs or fussing with drop down menus. Best of all, it's free! Get it here.


Good Work! Now that you've completed the basics, scroll to the next section. Or bookmark it for later. Your choice, just make sure you do come back - it's important stuff! Check out the next section

Advanced Users

Here's where you'll learn about the more-advanced functionality of the dashboard. These features will help you maximize your social impact while minimizing the time spent achieving it.
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  • 7. Schedule messages in bulk

    Bulk Message Scheduling saves you time while doing all the heavy social lifting. See how
Bulk Message Scheduling lets you schedule up to 350 posts to publish at a later time. It lets you plan and execute campaigns without waiting around for the right time to post. This video will show you how Bulk Message Scheduling works. Try it out for yourself here.
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  • 8. Add a team member

    Need a hand in the dashboard? That's what Team Members are for. See how
Chances are that you'll want to share the workload with others. Add a coworker or an employee as a Team Member and delegate tasks or collaborate with them within the dashboard. Watch below to learn how. Manage your team and add members here.
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  • 9. Run an analytics report

    Know where you're successful and where you're not with Hootsuite's Analytics Reports. See how
How do you know which campaigns or posts are effective? With Analytics Reports. They're crucial to understanding your audience and how to engage them. Learn how to run a basic report by watching the video below. Visit here to create your own.