Get started with Hootsuite Analytics

Measure all your social media activities and prove the impact of social on your business.

Getting Started

Hootsuite Pro comes with in-depth reports that inform your social strategies. Here are some quick steps you can take to make the most out of social analytics.

  • Twitter Analytics shows you which Tweets are resonating with your followers.

  • 1. Get to know Twitter Analytics

    How engaging are your Tweets? Twitter Analytics shows you how your Tweets are performing by tracking impressions, link clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies. Learn more

Get to know your audience

Who are your followers? What type of content do they like? 

Twitter Analytics gives you in-depth data so you can measure your current social strategy. Now you can see which Tweets are resonating with your followers and be smarter about the content you share.

Tip: Remember to track and compare your Tweet performance over time and adjust if necessary.

  • Hootsuite Analytics aligns with your specific business goals and objectives.

  • 2. Know which metrics inform your business goals

    To get the most out of social analytics, get to know the objectives and supporting metrics that you should consider. See the metrics

Boost brand awareness

See exactly how your brand resonates across the social web with a 360 view of key metrics like:

  • Follower growth rate
  • Change in followers over time
  • Reach by region and clicks by region 

Engage your customers

Engage your audience when you deliver content that resonates. Uncover the content your fans and followers love to share when you monitor: 

  • Facebook likes, comments, and shares
  • Twitter retweets, mentions, and favourites
  • Twitter sentiment

Accelerate sales

Track every click on your Tweets and Posts and learn what content drives traffic to your website with metrics like:

  • URL clicks
  • Google Analytics
  • Add reports using Hootsuite Analytics Points

  • 3. Use your Hootsuite Analytics Points to create reports

    To create your Enhanced Analytics Reports, the first step is knowing how to use Hootsuite’s Analytics Points. Learn how

How to use Hootsuite’s Analytics Points

Each report is made up of analytics modules. For example, to track Twitter follower growth, add the Follower Growth Module. Each Hootsuite Analytics module has a point value or “cost.”

Hootsuite Pro users get 50 Analytics points for free. To create more reports, you can can add more points to your account at any time.

Your points are reusable. If you delete a report or remove a module, your points will be available to use again. You can use your points to create one or multiple reports to arrive in your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.


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Beyond the Basics

Want to unlock the full potential of Hootsuite Analytics? Find out how to create branded reports and track the performance of your links.

  • You can customize Hootsuite Analytics reports with data from across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more.

  • 4. Quickly customize your Hootsuite reports

    Hootsuite Analytics lets you mix and match data from across various social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and various social profiles, like Pages and Groups. Want to run a report at a custom time? Auto-schedule your reports to run as frequently as you’d like. Watch the video

  • Measure clicks with Owly Analytics

  • 5. Track your links with Analytics

    If you Tweet a link, you can measure how successful it is. Hootsuite Analytics tracks your shortened links and gives you a complete view of the content you are publishing. Measure how many clicks you receive in a week, where your content is most popular, and which sites refer the most traffic. Watch the video



Good Work! Now that you've completed the basics, scroll to the next section. Or bookmark it for later. Your choice, just make sure you do come back - it's important stuff! Check out the next section

Advanced Analytics

It’s time to maximize your budget and time. Here are two resources to help you effectively measure your social ROI.

  • A Hootsuite webinar about essential social media analytics

  • 6. Dive into Essential Social Media Analytics: On-demand Webinar

    Learn how to effectively track and evaluate your social strategy and campaigns with this 30-minute on-demand webinar. Watch the webinar

  • The Hootsuite Guide to Custom Reports for Social Listening

  •  7. Essential Social Media Analytics: A Step-by-step Guide

    Find out everything you need to know about Analytics, from understanding Hootsuite’s Social Analytics modules to creating the most informative reports for your budget. View the guide

Hootsuite analytic reporting lets us prove to clients that we're adding value while helping our team learn what works best for each audience.

Alan Jones, Chief Hindsight Officer, The New Agency