Social Media Education: New Edge for Success

Give your company a competitive edge with applied innovative strategic training

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The days when social media was a business experiment carried out in a small corner of the marketing department are over. Now multiple teams—from HR and customer service to sales and even legal—can benefit from strategic social engagement.

This company-wide relevance of social media has increased the need for social media expertise in every role. Managing social media is now everybody's business.

A recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute showed that digitally prepared companies can unlock up to $1.3 trillion in annual business value by leveraging social technologies.

Company-wide social media education can give your team the skills and strategic know-how to differentiate your brand—and deliver real results.

Download the Hootsuite white paper Social Media Education: The New Edge for Success now to explore the benefits of social training, including:

  • The correlation between “digitally intense” companies and higher revenue per employee
  • How training gives your company a competitive edge, reduces risk, and provides insight to drive timely change
  • How to exploit the “who, what, where, and when” element of  social media—for the ability to locate and time your interactions optimally across the social media landscape

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