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Helping Law Firms Navigate Social Media

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Social media has changed the way people communicate with companies. From the CEO of Netflix using his Facebook page to communicate with shareholders to municipalities during natural disasters, social media has become a basic requirement for companies that want to stay competitive in a changing world.

In a recent global survey of 750+ organizations conducted by Hootsuite and Harris Poll, 88% of organizations agreed that their social media presence is important for them to stay competitive.

In the legal industry, we’re seeing an interesting shift in the way law firms approach social media. What was once seen as simply a channel to distribute press releases and share news is now being used by leading firms to grow the thought leadership of their attorneys and practice groups.

However, this adoption of social media also brings a new breed of risks. Legal firms can be particularly prone to phishing, impersonator accounts, malicious links, client scams, and compromised accounts.

This guide explores how Hootsuite, integrated with trusted ZeroFOX, can help your firm deploy the right mix of policies, technologies and procedures that will allow you to take advantage of all social media has to offer - while protecting your brand and keeping your data safe.

We will cover key topics as per following:  

  • Five Social Media Challenges Facing Law Firms
  • Identify risks and stay secure on social
  • Stay competitive and find new business
  • Increase brand awareness and thought leadership

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