How agencies can stay on top of trends and educate clients on best practices

Social Media AOK agency completes Hootsuite University and starts driving better social media leads that contribute to 15% of total revenue

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Social Media AOK knows social media marketing like no other. It is only natural then that they share their wealth of industry knowledge on social media as a way to promote their business and services.

In the ever-changing, fast-paced world of social media, Hootsuite University helps their team develop and upgrade their professional skills regularly, allowing them to stay on top of industry trends and apply their learnings when educating clients on social media best practices.

Download the Social Media AOK Success Story and find out how the agency:

  • Drives social media leads that contribute to 15% of total revenue
  • Acquired over 2500 social media followers in 2 years
  • Uses Hootsuite to source its content marketing efforts

Aligning our business with Hootsuite positions us as leaders in the industry, expands our business network internationally and further cements our brand as a seriously social business.

— Simone Douglas Co-Founder, Social Media AOK