How Vega uses social media to grow its business

From startup to established business: How social media gave Vega that extra boost

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Former Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian Ultra Marathon Champion Brendan Brazier founded Vega on the promise that clean, plant-based nutrition could be made accessible on-the-go. As a startup, brand awareness, customer service, and building a community of loyal followers and advocates would be essential to their success. Using Hootsuite, the Vega team built a social community of 20,000 followers, created a real-time education program and empowered a community of brand advocates to lead them to success.  

  • Built 20,000+ followers on social
  • Elevated customer service to support brand loyalty
  • Grew a community of empowered consumers and advocates

Download the Vega case study to learn how Hootsuite helped drive success.

We want to provide the best customer service and experience possible to our fans and customers. Keeping everything organized with Hootsuite makes building loyalty and great customer service that is much easier to manage. 

- Cristina Pagnucco, Social Media and Online PR, Vega