What can 50 million people change?

How Change.org uses social media to turn trending petitions into victories

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Change.org is the world’s largest petition platform, providing tools for over 50 million users across 196 countries to transform their communities. Since starting in 2007, Change.org has facilitated over 6,000 victories across a wide range of issues from online bullying to climate change. Sarah Ryan, Campaigns Strategist and Coordinator at Change.org, uses social media to amplify user stories and help trending petitions become victories.

Download this case study to learn how Change.org uses Hootsuite to:

  • Connect with some of the over 16M people who contributed to winning petitions
  • Help elevate some of the 10,000 petitions created monthly
  • Pressure governments and companies to be accountable
  • Share user stories to inspire new petitions, action, and ideas

When you marry petitions with social media, and make them really personal and local, they have incredible capacity to make a difference.—Ben Rattray, Founder and CEO, Change.org